An Automated Forecasting in Seconds

Come to the Webinar Jan. 28at 11 a.m. EST and Get a Free Trial! Get Time Series Forecasts in seconds Introducing TIM from Tangent Works, the easy to use, accurate time series forecasting solution with a fast, seamless user experience that will save you...

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Why TIM?

By Philip Duplisey VP - Strategy and Business Development I recently shared my excitement for a reliable new automated forecasting solution. Everyone needs it, and producing a plan is a fundamental part of every line manager's job function. It can also be argued that...

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Register for the TIM Webinar

Come to the Webinar Dec. 5 at 11 a.m. EST and Get a Free Trial! Get Time Series Forecasts in seconds Introducing TIM from Tangent Works, the easy to use, accurate time series forecasting solution with a fast, seamless user experience that will...

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97 – Naming Conventions

Like most other programming languages, it is important to decide and follow some programming standards, evem with naming conventions. One key standard is how to name things. Now I’m not here to say that you should name things the way I do, that isn’t the point. What...

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98 – Change Log

This one is more of a process I wish I had started doing sooner. Nowadays in every app I build, I create a script section named ‘Change Log.’ This little piece of documentation gives a bit of background on the app, and then a list of changes over time with tags to be...

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99 – Inline Load Delimiter

One thing which would have been useful years ago was knowing I could copy data directly from Excel into the load script for an Inline Load if I changed the delimiter setting in the load script. So what this means is you can copy a data set from Excel: Paste into Qlik...

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100 – AutoGenerate

You might have noticed I used this in the last example. AutoGenerate is so useful and has so many use cases. I probably use this in every app I create: from empty stub tables, generating a new field using another’s unique values, or as a way to log different steps...

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101 Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner – No. 101

This is the start of my blog series called "101 Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner." Each post will contain a straight and to the point thing that I, well ... wish I had known sooner. To start it off I am going to talk about Qlik Subroutines. A subroutine is a user...

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Join Us in Orlando for the Gartner IT Symposium

Gartner will host the “World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and IT Executives” Oct. 20-24 at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Fla. According to Gartner, the IT Symposium is the place to find and engage with business leaders who can...

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Meet Our Senior Leaders at Strata 2019

Attending Strata 2019 and looking to meet with the Bardess team? Many of our top leaders will be present at the show and available for meetings at various times throughout the event. If you'd like to book a meeting, use this calendar to find an available block and...

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Bardess Data Scientist Peruzzo at Strange Loop Conference

Watch the full video of Bardess Data Scientist Serena Peruzzo speaking on "Improving law interpretability with NLP" at the Strange Loop Conference here: Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers building...

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Find a Job You Love …

By John Fico Director, Big Data Practice “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” – Author Unknown I found something I love to do, and I recognized it very early in my life (I was 11).  I’ve been gaining knowledge and honing...

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