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The FP&A
(FAR) Solution

powered by Zero2Hero

Developed by a former Fortune 100 CFO to realize the promise of digital transformation in finance.

We help you move past:

Lengthy Processes

Do you spend the majority of your time on lengthy, non-value added processes like getting data from silos?

Manual Processes

Bogged down by manual and complex step-by-step processes on insecure desktops?

Late Nights

Are you working late answering questions and looking for the relevant data?

See What Our Customers Say

“With FAR, it is faster and easier to close the books.”

“We spend less time producing reports and more time on the important value added activities.”

“Bardess fundamentally changed the way our finance and reporting teams do business.”

Cut your time to value by implementing the FP&A Reporting (FAR) Solution

Corporate Finance Planning and Analysis (FP&A) teams spend between 50-70% of their time collecting, preparing, explaining and presenting data for the period close. That means only a portion of their time is available to spend on critical financial analysis that allows them to attain goals targeted at new business value.

By streamlining the period close analysis and presentation processes, a business can obtain more value from their talented financial team, allowing them to focus on value-add activities which will help propel the business forward.

In addition, it will lessen the impact on financial systems, varying analysis processes and data governance.

What can FAR do for your finance and accounting department?

No Other Solution Can Match It

Bardess offers the FP&A Reporting (FAR) Solution powered by Zero2Hero®. The FAR Solution was designed with by a CFO with your needs in mind, and is a comprehensive and easily implemented way to solve common finance, accounting and reporting problems. Nobody else can match its capabilities and value. Click on a feature box below to see a video demo.

Pivot / Explore

A world class “Pivot / Explore” dashboard enabling Finance pros to answer virtually any question they have of their data with Google like search.

Click to watch the Pivot/Explore video demo.

Analytics on the Go

Browser based apps show a variety of reports accessible from any device from anywhere with responsive design.

Click to watch the Analytics on the Go video demo.


Traditional Profit & Loss Views

Give management slick, highly formatted profit & loss reports on time every time.

Click to watch the Traditional Profit & Loss Views demo video.


Unique capabilities that bring the conversation and communication channels to the data via popular platforms such as Slack, Teams and Email.

Click to watch the Collaboration video demo.

Drill to Detail

Aggregated views always connected to detail records with governance/security built in and all of the benefits of not exporting to Excel.

Click to watch the Drill to Detail demo video.

Self Service

Empower business users to explore data and access insights without assistance from IT, data scientists or analysts.

Click to watch the Self Service demo video.


We can prove it!

What if we can show you in a free half-day proof of concept how to go from spending 80 percent of your time collecting data to 80 percent adding value?

What if we can show you how to get more insights and increase revenue? Click the button to schedule your free POC and see the FP&A Reporting (FAR) Solution in action.