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Data Science

Using Advanced Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation
Advanced Analytics

Discover deeper insights through sophisticated techniques, such as ML and AI, that can include autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data.

Modeling & Forecasting
Create predictive models that allow you to adjust to changing conditions in real-time while creating an early warning system to detect when things deviate from normal.
Augmented Analytics

The use of enabling tech such as machine learning, natural language processing and AI to assist with and automate data processes.

Become a true data-driven enterprise where Predictive Analytics is part of your everyday language.

Data Science

Development of algorithms and models using advanced analytics to forecast, predict, optimize or analyze data.

Use Cases

Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning

Sentiment Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
Data Mining
Instant ML
AI Rules Engine
Pattern Matching
Network & Cluster Analysis
Advanced Reporting Integration
Semantic Analysis
Multivariate Statistics
Chat GPT Integration
Complex Event Processing
Graph Analysis
Neural Networks

Modeling & Forecasting

Optimization Models
Predictive Modeling
Prescriptive Modeling
Data Mining
Statistical Models

Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics
Task Automation
Pattern Recognition
Advanced Clustering
Explainable AI
AI Automation
Autogenerated Analysis

Functional Use Cases

Operations Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance
Delivery Route Optimization
Load Management
Demand Forecasting
Inventory Optimization
Employee Churn Prediction
On-time Delivery Prediction
GIS Integration
Labor Operations Optimization
Weather Risk Integration

Finance Use Cases

Anomaly Detection
Fraud Detection
Credit Risk Modeling
Financial Forecasting

Marketing Use Cases

Lookalike Customer Marketing
Bayesian Analysis
Promotional Impact Analysis
Market Basket Analysis
Customer Segmentation
Customer Churn Prediction
Digital Attribution
ML-Driven Ad Targeting


ML Software Evaluation
ML/AI Training
ML/AI Advisory Services
Tool Selection
Python Development

Data Science Success Stories

ML Driven Credit Risk Modeling

ML Driven Credit Risk Modeling

UCB Builds Data-Led Patient Strategy

UCB Builds Data-Led Patient Strategy

Performance Measurement & Reporting

Performance Measurement & Reporting

Optimizing Product Mix

Optimizing Product Mix

End of Life Migration

End of Life Migration

On-Demand Data Analytic Visualizations

On-Demand Data Analytic Visualizations

Why Choose Bardess?

Meeting Your Goals

We assist & lead our clients with integrating data into their business flow, environment optimization, migration to the cloud, & effective reporting to successfully accomplish their business units & IT goals.

Bardess Value

Bardess empowers clients to access, view, analyze and use their data to make smarter, more accurate, cost efficient, and faster business decisions. Our customized advanced capabilities reduce costs and time-to-market deployment.

Our Client List

For 26 years, Bardess has focused on solving Fortune 500 and other organizations’ most difficult, complex, and critical data problems with our innovative Zero2Hero® accelerated time-to-value results framework.

The Bardess LEAP

We apply our LEAP engagement methodology to achieve an elastic data solution model across our four practices – advanced data analytics, data science, data engineering, and architecture.

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