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The Bardess Cloud Readiness Assessment
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3. Receiving the best in improved visibility, reduced risk
and costs, and increased efficiency and scalability.


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Cloud Assessment FAQ

What will we learn it this Assessment?

The AWS Cloud Readiness assessment is designed to determine if moving to the cloud is right for you and how much work will need to be done to get you there. In order to justify the move, the cloud migration must offer tangible benefits to the organization. The Assessment will outline business objectives, determine the benefits and list the pros and cons that determine the measure of success.

Can an Assessment help us save money?

Yes. The Cloud Assessment ensures that any move to AWS is optimized for your infrastructure, reducing licensing costs, increasing value and maintaining performance.

Does the Assessment cover our applications and workloads?

Yes. We do more than just look at your infrastructure. Without factoring in applications and workloads, you are at risk of poor performance or overpaying. We assess applications, workloads and infrastructure to create a business case tailored to your needs for cost optimization and success.

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