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What We Do

Data Strategy

We help you develop or reenergize your data strategy to deliver value and business outcomes that lead to success.

Data Engineering & Architecture

Engineer and architect scalable solutions in the data pipeline that govern data ingestion, storage, transformation & integration.

Data Analytics

The answers you need to become a data-driven enterprise with specializations in Data Visualization, Data Discovery and Dev/Ops.

Data Science

Combining data mining, statistics, machine learning, modeling and more to identify future outcomes and trends as accurately as possible.

Data Strategy

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Strategy Assessment

Full audit and review of your existing data strategy, data maturity and alignment to business strategies.

Strategy Development

Build new data strategies or revise current ones. Identify critical data needs, build a roadmap and implementation plan.

Cloud Strategy

Build a detailed plan to move data to the cloud. Develop requirements, identify data flows and define options and potential obstacles.

Data Governance

Create standards, define rules and establish policies to ensure data quality through the company’s data lifecycle. Click to learn more.

Data Engineering & Architecture

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Data Warehousing & Cloud Development

An enterprise database system for the analysis and creation of reports from data in disparate formats and multiple sources, built, tested and running in the cloud.

Data Architecture & Security

Blend, shape, wrangle and cleanse data to ensure it’s of high quality and ready for data visualization and data science.

Data Integration & Preparation

Transform and clean data before its integration for processing and analysis. May involve reformatting, correcting and combining datasets.

Data Integrity & Governance

Manage data availability, usability, integrity and security in enterprise systems, based on internal rules and policies that govern data usage. Click to learn more.

Data Analytics

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Data Visualization

Use charts, pictures and/or diagrams to create a visual representation of data.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery looks for the keys and patterns that allow analysis to occur on data sets. Size doesn’t matter when the tools go to work.

Metrics & Reporting

Measurements and reports used to view the current state or past state of data.

Analytics Architecture

Infrastructure and systems that are necessary to support data collection, storage, and analysis. Click to learn more.

Data Science

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Advanced Analytics

Discover deeper insights through sophisticated techniques that can include autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data.

Modeling & Forecasting

Create predictive models that allow you to adjust to changing conditions in real-time while creating an early warning system to detect when things deviate from normal.

Augmented Analytics

The use of enabling tech such as machine learning, natural language processing, and AI to assist with and automate data processes.   Click to learn more.

Integrated Solutions Powered by Zero2Hero®

Our integrated solutions are powered by our unique results framework, Zero2Hero (z2H®) that uses modern, flexible technologies and proprietary accelerators that provide higher business value with a fast ROI.  z2H targets quick wins by using a “thin slice approach,” while eliminating the cost, complexity and risk normally associated with the technical infrastructure necessary for supporting data analytics projects.

FP&A Reporting Solution Powered by Zero2Hero

Get on the road to true Financial Planning & Analysis Reporting (FAR) transformation with these advanced solutions.

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Customer 360 Powered by Zero2Hero

Better understand and deliver personalized experiences to your customer based on their behavior.

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On Demand App Generation

Our front-end custom Qlik Sense extensions and accelerators allow you to generate new analytics based on ad-hoc interactions within existing apps.

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CRMpowered, a Zero2Hero Solution

A collection of Bardess connectors designed to deliver analytics on a single pane of glass. Get your data faster on one dashboard.

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Analytics Stack Powered by Zero2Hero

A data processing & analysis stack of exceptional tools & Bardess Accelerators that solve modern scale problems & deliver rapid value.

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A Qlik Sense mashup that converts speech and text to visualizations. When a user speaks or types in English, Text2Viz™ dynamically generates an appropriate chart.

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Why Choose Bardess?

Meeting Your Goals

We assist and lead our clients with integrating data into their business flow, environment optimization, migration to the cloud, and effective reporting to successfully accomplish their business unit and IT goals.

Bardess Value

Bardess empowers clients to access, view, analyze and use their data to make smarter, more accurate, cost efficient, and faster business decisions. Our customized advanced capabilities reduce costs and time-to-market deployment.

Our Client List

For 26 years, Bardess has focused on solving Fortune 500 and other organizations’ most difficult, complex, and critical data problems with our innovative Zero2Hero® accelerated time-to-value results framework.

The Bardess LEAP

We apply our LEAP engagement methodology to achieve an elastic data solution model across our four practices – Data Strategy, Data Engineering & Architecture, Data Analytics and Data Science.

Our 96% average NPS survey rating shows our customers are loyal, satisfied and would recommend Bardess to their peers.

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