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The Bardess team joined finance leaders from around the US at the World’s Leading Financial Data Management Conference in Boston April 8-9.
FIMA facilitates discussions on diverse topics, allowing participants to stay updated on the latest trends and challenges in financial data management.
This year’s event was an unparalleled opportunity to engage with top industry leaders through informative sessions. These sessions, by data leaders from across the spectrum of business and finance specialists, provide a wealth of knowledge, making FIMA an essential event for strategic learning and networking within the industry.

The Bardess Booth at FIMA 2024

Bardess VP of Technology and Innovation Travis Rogers leads a roundtable on “Neutralizing Toxic Myths Prevalent in Analytics Initiatives” with Jonathan Israel, Bardess VP of Business Development, and Qlik Account Executive Taymour Bassiri, April 8 at FIMA.

FIMA came to a halt briefly during the eclipse April 8. The Bardess team provided eclipse-safe sunglasses to attendees so they could enjoy the event.