Big Data and the Cloud

Just what is Big Data anyways?  Loosely defined as a “term used to describe data sets so large and complex that they become awkward to work with using standard statistical software,” this ends up describing much of the data the industry deals with on a daily basis.  In reality however, much of the issue is not […]

Where’s My Electric-Green Cumberbund?

Data, although we IT pros hate to admit it, is often less than perfectly organized. I have seen client data that set me to imagining a chronic hoarder’s soiled laundry in grungy heaps stretching out to the horizon. Data where you couldn’t find your electric-green St. Patrick’s Day cumberbund if it had a ringing cell […]

QlikView Process Visualization

You know that feeling you get picking up on a BI project that has been worked on by other people for months?  All that data pouring in from different databases, spreadsheets and in-line loads, the practically untestable reloads of tables to get ten-line IF statements to rough-house-massage data into intelligible form, the thousand lines of […]

QlikView Application Performance Tuning

One of the most important things people like about QlikView is that it is fast. A typical QlikView application usually takes less than a second to respond to a user selection (query), regardless of how you design the data model or write expressions. However, as data volume grows, tuning data model and expressions makes a […]

The Importance of a Proper Quality Assurance Framework

Imagine it’s a Monday morning and you are heading into work thinking about your upcoming day when the phone rings.  It’s your lead infrastructure team and your shared Business Intelligence environment is having issues.  Your users are complaining that their dashboards are running extremely slow and others are complaining that their dashboards are not being […]