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Data, although we IT pros hate to admit it, is often less than perfectly organized. I have seen client data that set me to imagining a chronic hoarder’s soiled laundry in grungy heaps stretching out to the horizon. Data where you couldn’t find your electric-green St. Patrick’s Day cumberbund if it had a ringing cell phone attached. Scary data.

As IT professionals it is our duty to thrash this laundry metaphor into bright cleanliness and arrange it neatly on shelves and in drawers. The tools in our belts determine how we do this, and these tools have changed drastically since Y2K.

Twentieth century static, tree-pulp based reporting is moribund. Spreadsheets that analysts spend days putting together (your shop doesn’t still do this, does it?), and waste sheet after sheet copying. Today, elaborate dashboards allow the CIO – or anyone – to click a button or field value and get instant, customized reporting with drill-downs.

Leading 21st century Business Intelligence tools include QlikView, TIBCO Spotfire, and Tableau, with new ones popping up almost daily. Stated simply, these tools manipulate data to help us discern and create meaning. Complicatedly stated, how do you find the best one for your company?

Bardess has experts in QlikView, TIBCO Spotfire,  and Tableau and can aid you in making your selection, as well as assisting in building that all-important first application and getting your staff up to speed in using the tool.

Your data is waiting, people are watching. Your wish to get a BI tool into the shop so your team can provide enterprise reporting is finally coming true. A new depth of understanding of your data is around the corner… right after you make the decision of which tool to buy.

Bardess experts can help.