What is your data
NOT telling you?

Bardess Business Analytics Solutions allow you to turn a vast array of data into valuable information that drives decision-making in a corporation. Our solutions ensure that all data has clear definitions and a fully understandable presentation to users.

Data-Driven Solutions

At Bardess Group Ltd., we offer an experienced and comprehensive view of the software and systems involved in enabling your organization to become data-driven. Bardess can guide, design, and implement the data systems required to empower your users to make knowledge based decisions in real time.

We provide an established team of senior professionals with significant experience and success in providing Data Discovery, Data Management, Advanced Analytics and Big Data solutions to clients in a variety of industries. We focus on providing working solutions that balance process and systems solutions from the critical view of your organization’s data assets.

Our senior consultants, solution architects and data scientists have over 15 years of functional experience and are well versed in industry-specific applications and business processes. At Bardess our value extends well beyond our competition as our rates are well below the highly priced National and Big 4 type consulting partnerships.

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