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Bardess Group honored by receiving the
2016 Global Partner Innovation Award by Qlik!

Last year Bardess also received
Qlik’s Global Solution Provider of the Year award.

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Global Partner Innovation Award

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Stephanie Mahan, Channel Manager, Narrative Science, has worked closely with Bardess over the past year. Stephanie speaks highly of Bardess’ innovative leaders, especially Barbara Pound, founder, owner, and CEO of Bardess. Stephanie expresses her appreciation for working with a company who promotes not only women in technology, but also women in leadership roles. Bardess stepped up to the plate as an early adopter, meeting the challenge of bringing Stephanie’s new innovative product to market and technology to her customers. Stephanie refers to Bardess as an “evangelist in the U.S.” attributing the success they had to Bardess’ innovative leadership team, approach and excellent customer service.

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Ciara Lehane, a Trade Analyst, formerly from Sabra Dipping Company, provides her second testimonial regarding Bardess’ work, speaking highly of their outstanding expertise.

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The Bardess Analytics Value Chain

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2016-09-03 | Written by Mike Prorock

How to understand the spread of Zika

When Bardess was recently approached by a few of our partners to take a deeper look at some data related Zika virus we jumped at the opportunity.  This was for a number of reasons.  Firstly, at the time it was (and continues to be) a growing topic of interest, as a few travel cases had recently popped up in the US, and the Olympics were on their way.  This promised much more global travel to an area strongly affected by the virus.  Secondly, while some data was out there on current (and past cases) ...

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Bardess Group Partners with Narrative Science!
2016-08-03 | Written by Barbara Pound
Narrative Science, winner of Qlik’s 2016 Innovative Partner of the Year Award, and Bardess Group, winner of Qlik’s 2016 Global Solution Provider of the Year Award, are joining forces to bring even more innovative products to our clients. Narrative Science is the leader in advanced natural language generation for the enterprise. Its QuillTM platform, read more...