Business Intelligence Starts Here

By Joe DeSiena, President Consulting Services The goal of Business Intelligence is to turn Data into information that is useful to the organization.  It is a business strategy that integrates and analyzes operational data from all business functions in an enterprise. BI enables your organization to quickly access, analyze and share information in order to […]

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation

By Rich Hunsicker, Senior Consultant It is a love/hate relationship: we hate to do it but love having it.  From a development perspective, we typically have the specifications and a design document (in some form) from which we build the application and its surrounding processes.  We may even have some data schema and overall process/logic […]

Business Process Design – Where Do I Begin

By Joe DeSiena, President Consulting Services The best Business Process Design approach directs and support initiatives for all customer–facing and support organizations within your Enterprise. It uses a combination of process tools and classical design techniques to create optimized processes that tie to data information flows. Business Process Design carefully reviews the direction of current […]

IT Planning and Development – Where Do I Begin?

By Joe DeSiena, President Consulting Services IT Planning and Development solutions should be flexible and tailored to your specific business problems.   Who you hire should work with you as part of a team.  They should be technology and software agnostic and only recommend solutions that meet your requirements. Solutions may require a combination of process, […]

Why Asset Management is Crucial for Your Business – Part 2 of 2

By Joe DeSiena, President Consulting Services Key Benefits of Asset Management For Your Company Increases knowledge and trust of Asset Data and Asset Locations Reduces Network Compliance & Security Issues Improves accuracy of Asset Accounting / Depreciation Improves Asset Life Cycle Management Increases Business Control for Asset ownership, usage, and procurement Reduces Number of Audits […]