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Data Engineering

The Answers You Need to Become a Data-Driven Enterprise
Data Warehousing & Cloud Development
An enterprise database system for the analysis and creation of reports from data in disparate formats and multiple sources, built, tested and running in the cloud.
Data Architecture & Security
Blend, shape, wrangle and cleanse data to ensure it’s of high quality and ready for data visualization and data science.
Data Integration & Preparation

Transform and clean data before its integration for processing and analysis. May involve reformatting, correcting and combining datasets.

Data Integrity & Governance
Manage data availability, usability, integrity and security in enterprise systems, based on internal rules and policies that govern data usage.

Build from best-in-class foundational elements that will allow your data-driven enterprise to thrive.

Data Engineering

Development of processes and systems to move data through the data pipeline for visualization, reporting or advanced analytics.

Use Cases

Data Warehousing & Cloud Development

Data Warehouse Automation
Cloud Development
Realtime Data Streaming
Cloud Migration
Data Lake Creation
Cloud-Based Computing
Data Replication
API Integration
Data Storage

Data Architecture & Security

Warehouse Architecture
Data Pipeline
Single Sign On
Data Architecture
Lift & Shift
Multi-Platform Integration
Platform Adoption
Breach & Threat Analysis
Hybrid Architecture
Query Optimization
Security Authentication
Cross-Platform Collaboration
Performance Optimization
Risk Analysis

Data Integration & Preparation

Data Integration
Data Transformation
Data Preparation
Data Ingestion
Data Wrangling
Data Reconciliation
Data Movement
Data Cleansing
Change Data Capture
Data Profiling
Data Pipeline Design
Data Mapping
Data Enrichment
Application Inventory

Data Integrity & Governance

Data Quality
Data Validation
Data Lineage
Data Curation
Data Stewardship
Data Standardization
Data Catalog
Data Classification
Data Inventory
Metadata Management


Automated User Testing
Environment Stress Training
Version Benchmark Tests
Health Review
Custom Coding & Development

Data Science Success Stories

Full Spectrum Sales Planning

Full Spectrum Sales Planning

On-Demand Data Analytic Visualizations

On-Demand Data Analytic Visualizations

Supply Chain for Real-Time Reporting

Supply Chain for Real-Time Reporting

Why Choose Bardess?

Meeting Your Goals

We assist & lead our clients with integrating data into their business flow, environment optimization, migration to the cloud, & effective reporting to successfully accomplish their business units & IT goals.

Bardess Value

Bardess empowers clients to access, view, analyze and use their data to make smarter, more accurate, cost efficient, and faster business decisions. Our customized advanced capabilities reduce costs and time-to-market deployment.

Our Client List

For 26 years, Bardess has focused on solving Fortune 500 and other organizations’ most difficult, complex, and critical data problems with our innovative Zero2Hero® accelerated time-to-value results framework.

The Bardess LEAP

We apply our LEAP engagement methodology to achieve an elastic data solution model across our four practices – advanced data analytics, data science, data engineering, and architecture.

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