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Time to value. ROI. Holding a competitive advantage. These are all indicators of success, however very few people have been able to realize these things alone. The vast majority of successful leaders have achieved excellence by surrounding themselves with a trusted, core team. Cliché but so true, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is why for our Bardess customers, I’m honored to have the privilege of introducing our new and unique Customer Success program, dedicated to helping you realize your vision.

At Bardess, we strive to go above and beyond customer expectations, and now we expand our delivery to include a program that revolves around you, the customer. At the center of it all is our C.A.R.E. framework (Customer Centric, Anticipation, Realization, and Empowerment) – especially designed to ensure customers are realizing and maximizing value, while having a world class customer experience.

What does it mean to be Customer Centric? Simply put, the entire lifecycle should focus on your needs as a customer. Every piece of the journey needs to tie into your value, your outcomes. Industry research leaders recognizes the paradigm is shifting from seller to buyer focus, and Customer Success is leading the change. By planning Customer Centric solutions together, we can identify measurable goals early on, what they mean to you, and deliver the positive business outcomes our clients expect.

So, what happens when the goal posts move? What if the corporate strategy changes and your deliverables need to align with new outcomes? At Bardess, we recognize the need for change. Anticipation of moving targets and unforeseen objectives is a key aspect of our success planning. We’ve all seen firsthand what happens when obstacles pop up to deter a seemingly perfect execution plan. Anticipating not only when these changes will happen, but WHY they are happening is critical. Preparing your organization for change by empowering your users to read, work with, analyze and argue with data, makes Data Literacy a core feature of the Bardess C.A.R.E. framework.

Having a unique, personalized Customer Success plan in place provides a solid foundation because it aligns the team on what goals we are achieving together. What we build on top of it is the Realization. It’s about having the right people and the right tools in place in order to execute effectively. This is where the Bardess Customer Success team plays a pivotal role in ensuring that we are Realizing value in a synchronized, targeted way. It’s all about the outcome, and how we get there together is equally as important. If you provide the business with the solution they asked for, but went 150% over budget and were 6 months late, did you really succeed? Bardess has delivered thousands of unique customer solutions, built long-lasting relationships, and are dedicated to your value realization, it’s in our DNA.

At Bardess, we are believers in Empowering organizations in order to achieve results. We often hear “If only we had known that” or “If only we had that.” As part of the Bardess Customer Success program, we will Empower our customers with the right solutions, the right tools, and the ability to move forward in a confident and educated manner. Success is a two-way street, and it is our duty to ensure that all customers can leverage the Bardess C.A.R.E. framework in order to achieve greatness in 2020 and beyond.

Thanks, and Cheers to a New Decade!

Michael Terenzi
Director – Customer Success – Bardess Group, Ltd