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We want to help hospitals and other healthcare providers plan and procure enough equipment to meet the huge demand for their services.

The coronavirus pandemic is placing a tremendous strain on society and especially on healthcare providers. Hospitals are facing unprecedented demand for equipment, personnel, and other resources. Constrained resources must be carefully allocated to address patient medical needs and keep staff safe.

Our CEO Barbara Pound expects the Bardess team to think creatively and lead the industry with innovative solutions, so she was delighted when presented with a major compassionate initiative for Bardess and Tangent Works to support our communities in a time of crisis.

It was obvious, we could all see what was happening in the world. Our services can support resource management in healthcare when the supply chain is under extreme stress, a fact that compelled us to respond.

To support that end, Bardess and Tangent Works will give away free TIM licenses, and offer free data science services and support to hospitals for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. TIM is a breakthrough automated forecasting solution that can help with any type of demand forecasting or resource allocation question from staffing to bed usage to predicting patient counts.

Manufacturers in the critical supply chain path may also qualify for these free services.

What can Tangent Works and Bardess provide?

  • Tangent Works are the creators of an automated ML tool called TIM, which provides highly accurate time series forecast models and predictive analytics with minimal user configuration – ideal for quick deployment. The algorithm is extremely fast, taking only a few seconds to build a forecast model.
  • Bardess brings expertise in data science, with PhD-level data scientists with backgrounds in biomedical sciences, who can help set up the architecture and data flow required to enable TIM to solve the most relevant problems that hospitals and the healthcare sector are facing.
  • Watch our videos and more here.

To sign up for this free offering go to tangent.works/trial and include #coronavirus in the “About your case” field. You can also call 973-584-9100 and speak to VP of Strategy and Business Development Philip Duplisey for more information.