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Groundbreaking advanced time series forecasting and anomaly

detection solution to deliver instant value for business operations

RANDOLPH, NJ – Oct. 23, 2019 – Bardess, an award-winning data analytics and digital transformation consulting firm, has been named a strategic partner and North America reseller for Tangent Works.

Tangent Works is the company behind the Tangent Information Modeler, or TIM, a breakthrough automatic model generation technology.

TIM leverages a breakthrough architecture based on a branch of mathematics known as “information geometry.” Using this approach, TIM achieves one step model creation that includes feature engineering, model training and model deployment to produce an end-to-end time series forecast in seconds.

“We are very excited to bring TIM and its game changing model generation technology to the U.S. market,” said Bardess CEO Barbara Pound. “With TIM, you can generate accurate and reliable forecasts from time series data in seconds rather than hours, delivering instant value for business operations. Compared to traditional compute intensive approaches, TIM delivers rapid results, costs less to deploy, and uses fewer resources.”

TIM is available for Alteryx, Microsoft Excel and Flow, Databricks, Power BI, Data Factory, Azure ML, IoT Central and Mindsphere. TIM can be integrated with the Bardess Zero2Hero® (z2H®) stack and it can also be found in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

“Tangent Works offers InstantML (Machine Learning) and integrates with data tools you already have,” said Bardess President Joseph DeSiena. “Unlike AutoML or handcrafted models, Tangent Works and TIM have a one-step process that does in seconds what used to take hours. That’s why they call it InstantML.”

In international competitions, including the IEEE/GEFCOM 2017 and the Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) and Hokkaido Electric Power Co. competition in 2019, TIM won first place and was named the “Most Accurate.” TIM competed against teams of data scientists that spent weeks and months building their models while the Tangent Works model was built in 10 seconds.

“Time series forecasting and anomaly detection are hard problems to solve. TIM makes it quick and easy for business users to generate models,” said Tangent Works CEO Dirk Michiels. “With Bardess, we are bringing an award-winning end-to-end platform that unifies the analytics experience to the North American market.”

For more information or to get a demo of TIM, contact Bardess at bgl@bardess.com or call Bardess at 973-584-9100 in the U.S. or 647-849-3500 in Canada. Bardess and Tangent Works will be at the Gartner Symposium through Oct. 24. To schedule a meeting with us, please contact us at bgl@bardess.com.

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About Tangent Works

Headquartered in Belgium and with offices in Bratislava and London, Tangent Works delivers automatic model building capabilities for time series forecasting and anomaly detection by analyzing historical time-series data, including all the possible influencers, and figure out which data is relevant to the predicted output, in what combinations, over which time intervals. A breakthrough architecture based on a field of mathematics known as “information geometry” allows the solutions to deliver models fast, accurate, scalable and provides “explainable AI” instead of black box models.

The company has received worldwide recognition and industry awards including the IEEE GEFCOM competition, The Global Energy Forecast COMpetition.

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