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Bardess partner Tangent Works has been named to the Top 10 Innovative Companies in Machine Learning list for 2019 by Insights Success Magazine. Bardess is the North American reseller for Tangent Works.

From the article:

“Traditional reactive and fixed schedule approaches to maintenance and quality control are no longer yielding significant improvements, and companies must adopt AI technologies in order to get to the next level. Most companies lack the much-needed resources and expertise to tackle the problem, so it often takes a back seat to firefighting activities. That’s where Tangent Works really shines. The company’s solutions can analyze historical data from equipment and sensors to spot anomalies and cause-effect relationships that can be used to optimize maintenance cycles and avoid unplanned downtime.”

Tangent Works is the company behind TIM, the Tangent Information Modeler that Bardess recently introduced to the U.S. market and featured in a webinar. Tangent Works was founded in 2014 by data scientists and mathematicians who held deep beliefs in the power of predictive modeling, but knew that existing methods were too complex, slow and expensive. That’s why they developed the company’s InstantML that can transform time series data into reliable insights in seconds.

Bardess will host a second webinar and demo on Jan. 28. Register to attend and sign up for the free trial here.

A feature that makes TIM attractive to many of our current customers is the ease of integration with current software. TIM is integrated with Qlik, Alteryx, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Excel and others out of the box, with more on the way. There’s also a standalone, browser-based TIM Studio which can quickly and easily build out your forecasts with visualizations that clearly lay out the process and the data used.