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Watch the full video of Bardess Data Scientist Serena Peruzzo speaking on “Improving law interpretability with NLP” at the Strange Loop Conference here:

Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology.

Also posted is a live blog by Daniela Miao covering the presentation.

From Miao’s blog:


The process of legal reasoning is heavily reliant on information stored in text, but while legal texts are generally easily accessible, their interpretation often isn’t straight forward, making the understanding of the law effectively inaccessible to the general public.


Summary of talk

  • General approach to the analysis of legislation that doesn’t require a labelled training set
    • Automate the extraction of rules
    • Identify entities that are responsible for compliance
    • Organize rules into homogeneous groups with respect to their impact on various entities
    • For lawmakers: this is useful for them to identify ambiguities in the legislation

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