Qlik Sense and the App On-Demand

Before I go into why you may need to pay close attention to this new way of generating advanced analytics applications, it’s important to lay the foundation with a brief explanation of what the App-On-Demand premise actually is… App On-Demand is a method through which a brand new analysis is generated based on ad-hoc user […]

Blog Series – Accurate and Comprehensive Customer Data Mapping #2 Cleansing Queried Enterprise Data

Accurately and comprehensively mapping customer data to the correct, legitimate customer can be difficult at times to master. Our blog series provides specific procedures which will assist you in being able to do so. Ensuring that customer data is accurate (obtaining the exact data needed for a particular customer) and comprehensive (making sure that this […]

Blog Series – Accurate and Comprehensive Customer Data Mapping #1 – Define Your Enterprise Customer

How accurate and comprehensive is your customer data? Data analysis is only as good as the quality and completeness of data obtained during the data query process. Ensuring that customer data is accurate (obtaining the exact data needed) and complete (making sure that this data is comprehensive) is the foundation from which your analysis should […]

President of Bardess Group Ltd, Joe DeSiena, Moderates a Panel of Information Technology Executives at the Society of Information Management Event.

On February 12, 2015 SIM held a “Analytics & Business Intelligence” panel discussion at the Madison Hotel in Morristown NJ. Joe DeSiena, President of Consulting Services at Bardess Group Ltd. and an Executive Committee Trustee of NJ SIM, was the event moderator leading an interactive discussion around the evolving landscape of the Business Intelligence marketplace. […]

Avoiding Disaster When Migrating Legacy Data

One of the often under acknowledged and overly difficult tasks of data management is that of data migration. Legacy data migration is a challenging process, often resulting in unexpectedly high outlays for acquisition and support infrastructure. Although migrating data can be a moderately time-consuming process, the benefits will often outweigh the hindrances. While legacy data […]

Maintaining Data in the Cloud

Enterprise users are quickly turning to the cloud for solutions regarding their data. Because many businesses are seeing an increase in data growth each year, migrating, maintaining, and monitoring data in the cloud is a necessity. Being that the cloud never sleeps, this requires cloud management to be a 24/7 job. When managing a client’s data, cloud based […]

Introducing Qlik Sense

It’s only been a month since the official announcement for Qlik Sense, and already there is quite a bit of buzz throughout social media.  Those who follow BI have definitely heard of QlikView by now.  And those that follow QlikView closely are excited (and perhaps a little anxious?) about what the next few months and […]

Is Your Cloud Project in Trouble?

When it comes to managing projects in the cloud, IT professionals must be wary of their strategies and tactics. The quick rate in which cloud computing is evolving requires those in the industry to be more astute than ever before. Every consultant believes they have that hidden solve-it-all mythology, but what techniques worked for you […]

8 Tips in Data Quality Management

You want answers?  In business intelligence solutions, insights delivered by key reports and models are essential for making executive decisions.  But reports and models come from analyzing data, and using bad data will yield inaccurate results which will certainly degrade decision making. This is often referred to as the ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ principle.  If […]