Data Quality – Are You in the Race?

By Ken Drazin, Consultant One question every organization should ask is, “Is our data quality data?”  Your initial answer may be, “Well that’s IT’s issue not mine.”  Bad data can affect every division of an organization, from Sales all the way down to HR.  Several studies have estimated that bad data quality costs U.S. businesses over […]

What Does a QlikView Development Team Look Like?

By Philip Duplisey – Director Consulting Services Our clients often request our help in developing a strategy around staffing their QlikView development teams. Bardess is uniquely positioned among the QlikView partners to offer this advice because of our experience working with large enterprise clients and because we prefer to add value to our clients as […]

Insight to Improving Cash Flow

By Joe DeSiena, President Consulting Services Revenue Management The goal of Revenue Management is to improve cash flows by improving key revenue impacting processes, reports and systems interfaces. Solutions are not always found in ERP systems which tend to focus on expense-related processes rather than the end-to-end quote-to-cash processes. Revenue Management involves the entire revenue […]