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By Philip Duplisey – Director Consulting Services

Our clients often request our help in developing a strategy around staffing their QlikView development teams. Bardess is uniquely positioned among the QlikView partners to offer this advice because of our experience working with large enterprise clients and because we prefer to add value to our clients as a trusted advisor rather than augment their staffing requirements.

QlikView is radically easier and faster to deploy than traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Most organizations find they can be up and running in a few weeks. In addition, QlikView deployments tend to be iterative—we work with extremely fast cycle times to create exactly the solution the customer requires. The speed and collaborative nature of QlikView projects mean they should be staffed differently to traditional BI projects.

The ideal QlikView team should have business analysts that are close to the business, skilled in gathering business requirements and adept at both the user interface and the requisite data modeling in QlikView (i.e., strong at both client engagement and QlikView development). These front-line developers must be able to quickly understand a requirement and then be able to mock up a working example of the request in front of the business user. The end result is a prototype that accurately reflects the needs of the business user in a working application.

Supporting the front-line Qlikview developers should be a technical team, with deeper QlikView experience, including the use of extension objects, QV Server/Publisher, big data and incremental loads from multiple data sources. It has been our experience that a QlikView technical guru can support 6-8 QlikView developers, depending on the depth of knowledge they possess. The capacity of the development team is constrained therefore, by the number of skilled front-line QlikView developers able to engage business users and having a strong technical team backing them up. At Bardess, our experienced onsite QlikView consultants are backed up by a strong technical team, so we practice what we preach.

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About the Author
Philip Duplisey, Director of Consulting Services at Bardess, has been implementing enterprise wide solutions globally at Fortune 500 companies for 15 years. He enjoys enabling the organization to find value in their data, and presenting that data in compelling ways that lead to deeper insights and improved performance.