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z2H gaming blogWhen I worked in the video game industry, we did everything we could to stay ahead of the curve when it came to what gamers thought about our product. We monitored social media, forums, website traffic, support contact and game chat, obsessively looking for signs that features were missing, new exploits had been found or even worse, a general malaise in the community.

But what if all of that and more could be monitored without 24-7 obsession from a community manager and his minions?

Zero2HeroTM (z2HTM) is the tool I wish I had as a community manager and it’s the tool you can use to turn your ever-growing big data into business intelligence that can monitor customer sentiment, detect incoming cyberattacks or find previously unknown links between seemingly unrelated diseases.

It’s all dependent on the data that’s provided to the z2H stack. The most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game have somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 5 million users. At their peak, almost 12 million gamers had active accounts on the most popular game. Between character stats and equipment, chat and forums, quest stats and in-game events, game publishers have an abundance of information about their players that could be used toward meaningful customer insights.

If only you could automate all those things like notifications when a quest chain is broken. It used to take collating in-game chat, forum posts and support tickets to make that realization. Depending on how popular the quest chain is and how easy it is to duplicate the problem, this can take hours. With business intelligence, that collation could happen in a matter of minutes and alerts would be flying to community managers and developers to get to work on the fix.

In much the same way, online and offline retail stores create millions upon millions of pieces of user data over time. From their online browsing habits to in-store purchases and activities, this customer data can be used to refine and improve every customer touch point.

z2H can take that data, refine it and glean the important business intelligence that you need for business success, whether your business is digital swords and sorcery or real world finance.

Zero2Hero is now available directly from Bardess® and our partners Qlik, Cloudera and Trifacta. You can find it listed in the and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the Cloudera Solutions Gallery.