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I love looking at word clouds when trying to analyze free-form text.  They help me quickly perceive the most prominent terms that are present in a body of text, and many times can be helpful in analyzing the topics or themes that are most important to the writer (or speaker).   So – what topics are important to us here at Bardess?  What do we care about?  Behold … the word cloud.

Below are a series of word clouds from the blog posts of our consultants over the past few years.  The largest one (at the top) is a summary of all of our combined posts.  Underneath (slightly smaller) are the individual posts of our managers and consultants.  I think you will quickly see a theme start to emerge:  WE LOVE BUSINESS DATA!!!  And working with customers.  And software.  And technology.  And creatively coming up with new approaches to analyze data, and turn it into information.  This self-examination of our own marketing and social media efforts is a good example of this.  We needed to get creative in order to better understand ourselves as a company, and individuals.

Bardess Word Cloud


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