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We have heard this question a lot.  Can Qlikview replace a DWH?  In our opinion, it depends on the company.  If the company has already invested in a DWH why try and reinvent the wheel.  Qlikview is the perfect downstream application to extract the data and present it in the most cost-effective way.  We are currently working on a project for a large networking company where consolidating data from the many source systems is too difficult to handle with QVD’s or scripting.  In this situation the warehouse is most definitely needed.

In smaller companies with less complex needs who might be just starting out with BI it comes down to the amount of data, history and detail that is needed to be stored. Case in point, we previously worked for a small company that did not have traditional business intelligence implementation, thus Excel spreadsheets were readily used for data analysis.  In this type of business environment, Qlikview would be an optimal choice because it would more than serve the needs of the client. In fact, due to Qlikview’s ease of use and ability to produce quick results, Qlikview could actually effortlessly replace the need for Excel.  Most importantly, the absence of a DBW through Associative Query Logic saves the client money and precious resources and can be implemented in a matter of weeks, thus saving time.  The client can spend more time on the project at hand rather than building up and maintaining data warehouses.

We believe that small and large business can greatly benefit from all that Qlikview has to offer.  It will allow your day-to-day operations to run more efficiently.  Contact Bardess today, and let us to show you how to make this possible for your company.