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Are you responsible for generating and distributing periodic reports?  Do you have to access a Dashboard each time the data is refreshed to develop and distribute updates?  If so, you need to consider the features and benefits of using QlikView NPrinting.

NPrinting is an application that handles report generation and distribution for your Qlikview Dashboard metrics directly to your Inbox on a scheduled or ad hoc timeframe.  NPrinting allows you to get the information that is needed to the users that need it in a template driven format.  Instead of going to the Dashboard and diving deep into the same details over and over again, as the Dashboards get refreshed with new data, your reports can automatically be delivered to your Inbox on a set schedule.

Templates are designed and developed using NPrinting for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and HTML reports with a simple drag and drop format providing a finished product that can be broken down across different variables and across multiple pages.

You can download the NPrinting demo for free, apply for a temporary license, and be up and running in a matter of minutes.  It takes a little bit of work to get through the NPrinting application out of the box. Once you have an understanding of where the features are located in the application, you are able to connect to an existing Qlikview Dashboard, import some objects into a template, and then preview the document with ease.  Now you can create a simple PowerPoint slide deck or other types of reports.

Many organizations are using Qlikview as not only a dashboard, but as a data source.  Users will filter to the data they need, and then export files to import into Excel to generate valuable information from the raw data provided.  NPrinting will allow you to skip those manual steps and automate the process so your information is sitting in your inbox when you get to work in the morning.

The basic steps of setting up a connection, creating a template, adding objects to the template, and formatting those objects, are pretty straight forward.  Generating your first PowerPoint template can be a little daunting the first time through, however Bardess has developed some very effective training that can accelerate your learning experience to adopt this product into your business.

Overall, a combination of QlikView and NPrinting allows you to broaden your knowledge of valuable business information.  At the same time you can keep your various users up to date with specific data for their theater, division, etc., within your organization.  A one-to-many gain is realized by developing one template for many views.  Each report filter can create a targeted report for each User’s area of the business by using the template repeatedly.  (See the NPrinting Progression below.)

NPrinting is the most advanced report generation, distribution and scheduling application for QlikView on the market. With NPrinting you create reports from QlikView tables, charts and variables using Excel, Word, PowerPoint and HTML with drag-and-drop simplicity.  Then use the NPrinting service to schedule the distribution of user filtered reports via email, load to websites, or, perhaps, save to local or network drives.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to acquire critical data for your specific area of the business as your Dashboards are refreshed, feel free to contact us and we will share with you our solutions to accelerate the combined use of these tools in your business.  At Bardess, our commitment is to make our clients successful in working with data and increase their competitive advantage using solid BI solutions.   If you’re interested in hearing more about other creative data processing and BI solutions for developing actionable datasets and reports, give us a call or contact us via our website, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

NPrinting Progression