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Enterprise users are quickly turning to the cloud for solutions regarding their data. Because many businesses are seeing an increase in data growth each year, migrating, maintaining, and monitoring data in the cloud is a necessity. Being that the cloud never sleeps, this requires cloud management to be a 24/7 job. When managing a client’s data, cloud based protection is an important task. A few simple tips can help ensure you and your client’s data are maintained safely and securely in the cloud.

  1. Retain control of your Encryption Keys – Many modern cloud services advertise their own form of high-end security. It’s often best to avoid these securities by implementing your own measures. Opting for a provider’s security would require you to surrender control of your provided encryption keys. This means the provider can decrypt your files at will without your knowledge.
  2. Utilize local encryption solutions – To avoid having your encryption keys fall into the wrong hands, it’s best to have all your encryption and decryption process occur offline in a local system. Users can download files from the cloud and then decrypt them locally before updating. They can then re-encrypt the files before re-uploading to the cloud. It may also be wise to offer your clients encryption solutions to help prevent the spread of malware as well.
  3. Enable secure collaboration for users – When select files must be accessed by multiple users, enabling a method of encryption accessible by an owner along with multiple collaborators may be beneficial. This system provides a secure, shared encryption key that will allow shared users to access and download a file from the cloud, then decrypt and update a local copy of that file. This makes file sharing seamless while preventing users from sharing through unsecured means.

Data has become the most valuable asset for enterprises, so implementing a robust protection solution is essential.