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By Philip Duplisey – Director Consulting Services

Today, analysts at JP Mogan initiated coverage on QlikView’s stock (ticker QLIK:NASDAQ), predicting a $22 share price for December 2011. This reflects their optimism that QlikTech is not only able to provide a great BI tool in the form of QlikView, but that as an organisation they will be able to successfully navigate the treacherous waters from startup to market leader.

Here are some of the reasons their are so bullish:

  • Better mouse trap drives hyper-growth. QlikView, provides a unique architecture that leverages recent advances in IT (faster and cheaper memory, multi-core processors, and higher bandwidth) to reduce the cost, infrastructure resources, and personnel support required for an enterprise-class BI solution. QlikView enables customers to get up and running more quickly with much easier implementation and use, and at a much lower cost than traditional BI solutions, while also leveraging existing investments in an enterprise’s BI solution.
  • Expands already attractive BI market opportunity to SMBs or departments that would not normally be able to implement enterprise-class solutions due to resource restrictions. Gartner expects the $9.3B BI software market to continue its relative out performance within Software, with an estimated five-year CAGR (2009-2014) of 8.7%, relative to the 7.8% expected for the aggregate software market. We believe the lower cost, faster implementation and ROI times, and reduced support requirements will continue to drive growth for QlikView much greater than that of the market and will likely expand the company’s market opportunity.
  • And more.We believe QlikView’s intuitive user experience allows greater value extraction from its solution relative to others, while its two-pronged go-to-market strategy addresses both green-field SMB opportunities (channel) and BI expansion within an enterprise (direct sales – “land & expand”). Finally, its roots in data association and filtering provide incremental value through its associative search technology which helps users determine the appropriate analysis for a specific data set.

The full report from JPMorgan can be found here. It is thorough, and provides a great snap shot of what makes QlikView so exciting.


About the Author
Philip Duplisey, Director of Consulting Services at Bardess, has been implementing enterprise wide solutions globally at Fortune 500 companies for 15 years. He enjoys enabling the organization to find value in their data, and presenting that data in compelling ways that lead to deeper insights and improved performance.