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By Karen Miglin – Internet and Social Media Marketing Manager

Are your sales, IT, operational and supply chain processes effectively utilizing data for their competitive advantage?

The importance of Data Quality just cannot be overstated.  Quality Data provides the balance between processes and systems within business solutions.  It is the foundation for all processes and activities within a corporation.

Inaccurate data or incomplete data is not usable and can result in false conclusions and poor decisions on many levels.  Data quality issues can risk the success of day-to-day operations and lead your company down the wrong path.

Data Cleansing is aimed at improving enterprise data quality and integrity and optimizing the success of transformation and integration processes during data migrations.

Data Cleansing is locating inaccurate, irrelevant, inconsistent, poorly formatted and duplicate data and then either removing it, moving it, adding the correct data, or changing it.  It can take place within a single set of records, or more importantly, between multiple sets of data which rely on each other and need to be merged.  Data cleansing will eliminate data that is out of date or unrecoverable.

Data Cleansing increases space and efficiency of operations; it enhances the data in order to provide higher quality information to business users.  Data Cleansing can restore the referential integrity of your databases.  Without Data Cleansing, dirty data can add up, leading to poor work performance and increased complications in the future.

Bottom line – incorrect data IS costly.  Every day, companies pay the price for Dirty Data.  Don’t be one of them.  The solution is simple…When You Think of Quality Data, Think of Bardess.