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When it comes to managing projects in the cloud, IT professionals must be wary of their strategies and tactics. The quick rate in which cloud computing is evolving requires those in the industry to be more astute than ever before. Every consultant believes they have that hidden solve-it-all mythology, but what techniques worked for you yesterday may not be so successful tomorrow. Below is a list of cloud-based problems your project can encounter. They’ve been divided into three categories; the harmful, but not fatal issues, the issues that can be modified mid-flight, and the issues that must be addressed immediately.


The Harmful, but not Fatal

  1. Requirements that aren’t worth the cost or effort – these are a waste but certainly won’t cost you the cloud project.
  2. Inadequate training on a system or tool is time consuming and costly but only occurs once with the right employees.
  3. Cut your losses fast – letting go of past failures and moving on will take a small hit, but won’t capsize a project.

Modify them Mid-Flight

  1. Team members with communication problems need to be addressed. This can hurt your team’s problem solving ability.
  2. Spreading the team across time zones is generally considered a poor plan of action.
  3. Overwhelmed team members who simply can’t keep up will surely hold back the rest of your team.

Kill these Immediately

  1. Management issues can be crippling. You will need the right personnel in design, prototyping, and deployment for a project to function.
  2. Software projects are NOT hardware projects and must be deployed in different ways. Managers must understand this for a project to be successful.
  3. Keep it small and simple. Long-running projects with large interdependent teams spread about are likely to fail.