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As a business, new opportunities to drive sales growth are essential. To foster growth, you create great offerings and promotions to push out to your customers. But how do you reach the right customers with those offers? The key to better targeting lies in being able to derive a full picture of each customer from your data. The problem is that the data collected comes from many touchpoints – from interactions across social media, phone, email, web, or in-person – and stored in multiple systems. Getting actionable insights from siloed data may seem impossible.

But there is a way to make those powerful 360-degree view of your customers possible. Customer 360 Powered by Zero2Hero™, a comprehensive solution created by Bardess, Cloudera, Trifacta, and Qlik, strengthens targeting and personalization, reduces churn, and delivers proactive customer care. It delivers value on the Microsoft Azure platform to securely send data workloads to the cloud in minutes. Zero2Hero™ is the perfect, scalable solution that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively to draw insights on all data from structured and unstructured data. By taking advantage of AI, the solution derives the actionable insights you need for that complete customer picture.

How does Zero2Hero help you achieve insights into your customer data?

The solution quickly and cost-effectively draws insights from all data, structured and unstructured, and takes advantage of AI to derive the actionable insights you need for that complete customer picture.

For instance, you might have data that shows that a customer announced a new job on social media, a customer deposited a paycheck by mobile app, and a customer created a new account at a bank in-person. Your current data analytics solution may or may not be able to narrow it down any further. When Zero2Hero aggregates and analyzes these data points from across your different systems to show that these actions come from a single customer, you can better detect opportunities to promote your offers. As in this instance, maybe you have the perfect offer for a customer who now enjoys the greater purchasing power that comes with a new job.

Prioritized and personalized

Customer 360 Powered by Zero2Hero ensures that key data derived from your systems is prioritized and personalized, and ensures their data is safe and compliant. The data provides your customers with unique customer experiences based on preferences and behaviors. A proactive care feature provides alerts that enable you to react to customers before they churn or look to competitive alternatives.

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