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By Karen Miglin – Internet and Social Media Marketing Manager

Gartner recommends that companies implementing data integration projects should find a vendor that focuses on the quality of a customer’s data.

Ted Friedman, a Gartner vice president and information management analyst said that “organizations cannot be successful in their data integration work unless they have a very strong focus on data quality built in. That’s because it’s not only about delivering stuff from here to there. You also have to make sure you’re delivering the right stuff.”

Friedman also said that “organizations considering an investment in new data integration tools should first look for vendors that can support a wide range of integration technology ‘delivery styles’ because needs are likely to change over time.

Data is a critical corporate asset that gets synthesized into Information, which is the basis for knowledge within your organization.  Quality Data is the foundation for all processes and activities within a corporation.

Bardess Group has data management solutions that will help you use your data for competitive advantage.  Our data solutions are tailored to assess, improve, and ensure data quality in your organization.  This is how we do it.

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