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From the blog SDI posted August 7.

The beginning of August means different things to everyone, and one group spends that month preparing for the best season of all: Football Season. During this time the fantasy football nerds among us seek out information and opinions wherever we can get it: hearing every possible opinion about the most recent injury, changes to your teams’ coaching staff, and whether Tom Brady has lost a step at age 86.

The fact is that these opinions are based on a combination of statistics, the good ol’ eye test, and most importantly, emotions. But what if your favorite analyst sees things a bit differently than you? What if we had a way to strip out the emotion of the pundits that we all know and love and instead looked at things from a data-driven perspective? Could Fantasy Football turn the normally mundane Excel datasheet into, dare I say it, fun?

To take it a step further, what if SDI’s ZEUS MRO Analytics engine was fed fantasy football data? Could it be easy for everybody to understand this data and be able to compare multiple players at a moment’s notice with no technical experience required? That would make data fun AND easy!

Every registrant will be entered into a drawing to win a one-week license to use Draft God and tap into the power of the ZEUS data analytics engine. You do not have to be present to win.

ZEUS: Creating Actionable MRO Insights

While this level of analysis may seem over-the-top, especially for a game, it’s not out of reach. SDI can take any manner of MRO data and empower manufacturers, universities, school districts, transportation terminals, and other asset-intensive operations with actionable insights. In this same way, SDI has empowered its employees to take action on their Fantasy football data by feeding the ZEUS MRO Analytics engine with Fantasy Football Data.  With the power of ZEUS, users can generate customized views and quickly compare the statistics of players during their drafts. The application includes data on where players are being drafted versus where they are ranked, indicating opportunities to buy low, and even incorporates the tier clustering mentioned above. With the ZEUS Fantasy Football App, SDI has taken MRO technology to a whole new level.

The webinar is scheduled for August 22 and you can register here.