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by Keith Smith, Senior Consultant

From My Cold Clicking Hands

The internal community of QlikView business users at my old company has continued growing, and can be summarized in just a few words:  THEY JUST LOVE USING QLIKVIEW.

Many of these business users were familiar with competitive offerings from other BI vendors, as well as with internal homegrown solutions.  They enthusiastically embraced QlikView and appreciated the freedom it gave them to explore business data, making discoveries of their own and spending less of their time gathering data, and more of their time analyzing and thinking about the business.

I really wanted to capture and document my co-workers’ feelings on the subject (a mixture of sales, marketing and financial managers and analysts), as we had made this journey together.  When given the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback about the QlikView applications that had been implemented, the quotes are just too good not to share:

  • “QlikView is a one-stop shop for me for key data points I need to do my product marketing job”
  • “If everyone worked with Qlikview we would be able to get performance reporting significantly sooner than we do today.”
  • “ The speed and ease of use will greatly increase the amount in-depth analysis of key business metrics”
  • “It’s critical we standardize on one tool that has all the up-to-date data loaded. Consistency of data is something we lack here, and the ease of accessing data is also something we lack. QlikView gives us all this”

And, finally when asked the question “If QlikView were suddenly no longer available, how would this affect you?”  These were some of my favorite responses:

  • “AIIEEEEEE!!!!! Much longer process times for retrieving Sell thru and Disti Inventory”,
  • “Less time for analysis, reduce the potential number of factors reviewed, more wasted time for the must have items”
  • “This will have a big impact on all of us who have been exposed to QlikView. If it goes away, we will be taking many steps back. Obtaining and reconciling data across various sources will become a challenge and for us, I can definitely say that it will take away from our current jobs. We’ll be spending more time chasing and validating data as opposed to performing product marketing functions”
  • “Little to no visibility of data, and very long lead times to access the data”
  • “I would be very, very disappointed and frustrated as I will be forced to make decisions based much less on data”
  • “I’m not sure how I would do my job at all without this data. I would have to find it somewhere and consolidate it. Given the time that would take I don’t think I could actually focus on Marketing, I would be too busy gathering data”

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Keith Smith, a Consultant at Bardess, has been blending business data with cutting-edge processes and technology for the past 15 years.  He looks forward to challenging projects that involve delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time.  He is especially interested in data visualization techniques that foster acceptance and comprehension of management performance dashboards.