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With Qlik Sense having 5 releases a year, it can quickly become overwhelming staying up to date on the latest release. And even then, should you even be on the latest and greatest?

Here is what I recommend as a rule of thumb: when upgrading or installing for the first time, install the latest release with a patch out. I always suggest staying one release behind so that you aren’t the production testers. With most software, there will be bugs. If you have mission critical items, it’s better safe than sorry.

Now, when to upgrade? I suggest saying no more than 3 releases behind. So if you are already one behind, that means you would upgrade every 2 releases: ~6 months. Note, that each release is only supported for 2 years. So at the bare minimum, you should stay within that window.

The caveat to these recommendations is if there is a feature or bug fix you need. Those are good reasons to upgrade outside of these recommendations.