Advanced Analytics in Creating Business Intelligence – Finding Valuable Business Intelligence in Missing Data

  ABy Rick Shepherd, Senior Director Operations In working with many clients over the years and the various types of data that they collect in managing their business, it’s always interesting to see their reaction when I identify key business intelligence from the data that I don’t see in their database. Most Business and/or Data […]

How to Drive Adoption, Especially in Complex Technical Projects

by Diane Lauer – Senior Consultant, Lead Instructional Designer and Organizational Development Specialist  Large amounts of data and information, complex technical processes, multiple audience types, changes to existing systems, and changes in compliance requirements – these are just some examples of what we would classify as ‘complex’ initiatives often taking place in today’s active and […]

Flexibility is Key to Selecting BI

by Keith Smith, Senior Consultant During some recent interactions with colleagues, as well as current and prospective clients, I was again reminded how important it is that the platform used to develop your business intelligence dashboard applications be flexible.  What, exactly, do I mean by this?  Let me explain. Your business, like most businesses, probably […]