Corporate Training and the Use of Instructional Design Processes

By Diane Lauer, Bardess Senior Consultant, Lead Instructional Designer and Organizational Development Specialist Effective corporate training courses, regardless of length or instruction type, do not just happen – they are created using a systematic process referred to as Instructional Design. Instructional design is more than just putting information in front of the learner. It is […]

Corporate Culture Transformed – An Insider's View (Part 3 of 4)

by Keith Smith, Senior Consultant Witnessing the Transformation One of QlikView’s greatest strengths is the ability to connect to multiple data sources of interest (ex: Oracle, Excel, *.csv, *.txt, etc.) and load all of this data into QlikView as part of one comprehensive data model.  QlikView can truly become a “one-stop shopping destination” for all […]