What is Involved in the QlikView Development Process?

by Dmitry Gudkov, Business Intelligence Consultant If you have ever worked with consulting companies, or at least considered involving BI consultants on a project, then at some point you might have the question – what do these “development” men-hours include? Isn’t QlikView development simply writing a rather short load script and tweaking some UI settings […]

Corporate Culture Transformed – An Insider's View (Part 1 of 4)

by Keith Smith, Senior Consultant Readers of this blog are likely already aware of our excitement around QlikView, a powerful “business discovery” platform that delivers self-service BI, empowering business users to discover new insights and make better decisions.  Bardess has been delivering innovative QlikView applications to companies across the US for years, and I am […]

The Importance of Change Management

by Diane Lauer – Bardess Senior Consultant, Lead Instructional Designer and Organizational Development Specialist Although change is an inevitable part of business, especially in today’s tumultuous corporate environment, it is not always embraced by employees and managers with open arms. No matter how important and unstoppable change is, it can be very stressful. Many individuals […]