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Come to the Webinar Jan. 28

at 11 a.m. EST and Get a Free Trial!

Get Time Series Forecasts in seconds

Introducing TIM from Tangent Works, the easy to use, accurate time series forecasting solution with a fast, seamless user experience that will save you time and money. TIM integrates with tools including Excel, Alteryx, Power BI, Qlik and more out of the box, enabling you to get rapid results. 

But what’s important to your company is that TIM is faster than entire teams of data scientists and it’s been proven in international competitions. At the IEEE/GEFCOM, TIM was named “Most Accurate” with a model created in 10 seconds.

Come see Bardess and Tangent Works at a webinar on Jan. 28 and watch a demo of TIM in action to see how fast, easy and accurate time series forecasts and anomaly detection can be. We’ll tell you how to get a 2-week trial so you can find out for yourself how powerful TIM is.