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Customer 360 Powered by Zero2Hero

Take your data out of the silos and put it to work for your enterprise

A complete platform for customer 360 workloads

Customer 360 powered by Zero2Hero™ enables organizations to better understand their customers, learn from their behavior and deliver personalized interactions based on available data.

This platform builds a more comprehensive view of customers by leveraging data of all types, sizes, and velocities. It is designed to solve modern scale problems & deliver rapid-value. The pre-built stack of data processing & analytics tools uncovers insights to help you improve:

  • targeted marketing & personalization.
  • churn prevention & customer retention.
  • proactive care.

By combining Bardess accelerators with Qlik’s powerful, agile business intelligence suite, Trifacta’s data wrangling tools, & Cloudera’s modern platform for machine learning & analytics, users can uncover insights in their data, & easily build comprehensive views of their customers across multiple online touch points & across multiple enterprise systems.

Customer 360 Powered by Zero2Hero allows:

  • Modernized data management, optimized for the Cloud, to transform complex data into clear & actionable insights with Cloudera Enterprise
  • Democratization of your analytics by empowering business users to prep their data for analysis using Trifacta
  • Identification of patterns, relationships and outliers in vast amounts of data in visually compelling ways using Qlik
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), predictive, prescriptive & geospatial capabilities to fully leverage data assets using Cloudera Data Science Workbench
  • Building, testing, deploying, and management of workloads in the cloud through Microsoft Azure
  • Accelerated implementation & industry best practices through Bardess services

Business Value

  • Fast Time to Value. Deploy a POC with defined & measurable business value.
  • Scale Your Success. Incrementally add value as data volumes scale.
  • Deployment Options. Available on-premises or in the cloud via Microsoft Azure.
  • Trusted. A full marketing insights platform certified on Cloudera.
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