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Customer: A Full-Service Logistics Corporation

A full-service logistics corporation, for-hire carrier, and pioneer in national pallet management programs, had an information reporting problem at the highest level. Senior management did not have timely and comprehensive reports needed to run the business.


For each top customer, the Client’s business analysts were required to prepare 50 to 60 lengthy reports containing the previous quarter’s operations metrics and details. The process relied on significant manual effort and was thus not scalable for the future growth of the business. These reports formed the basis for the CEO’s quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with his top customers. Inevitably the detail behind the impacted KPIs would raise questions in the customer meetings and since the QBR slide deck only contained summarized information, the ability to drill down and answer individual questions was not possible. Due to the overwhelming volume of manual work and marginally effective QBRs, the emphasis of the customer meetings unintentionally became operational rather than strategically focused.

The Bardess Solution

Bardess developed a comprehensive solution that revolutionized the way the Client served its customers. It included automating the QBR reporting process using Qlik to now be available on a daily basis rather than just quarterly. The new reporting system provided both the same summarized QBR information as well as the ability to drill down into the detailed shipment and route information. In addition, it allowed all the Client’s customers the ability to log in to a portal daily and collaborate with the Client to resolve the daily operational issues on a timely basis. As the Solution was rolled out to customers, the nature of the QBRs changed and the emphasis of the customer meetings became more strategically focused. This created a stronger business partnership between the Client and all their customers.

Value & Benefits

The Bardess Solution modernized the Client’s reporting system providing timely and detailed shipment information to the Client and all its customers via an online portal. The conversations at the customer QBR meetings became strategic instead of having to address tactical operational issues or delivery problems. This greatly increased customer satisfaction and provided a competitive edge as the Client was the only firm that could provide this type of real time reporting in the industry. As a testimony to the added value of the new system, one of the Clients’ largest distributors used the system to manage its business during a natural disaster. The customer’s network was taken off-line, and they used the Client’s dashboards to manage their logistics, providing an unforeseen benefit.


Increased Shipping Volume

Volume increased 15% annually.


Time Savings

Moving to Real-Time Reporting.

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