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A Success Story

Disparate Project Data unified to provide quick insights and better outcomes for a Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical company.

Working with Bardess, the client developed and implemented a new dashboard-driven platform for reporting of clinical program and project information of the drug discovery and drug development process.

Sector/Industries: Life Sciences & Pharma/Biotechnology

Business Function: Cross-Function, Clinical

Technologies: Qlik Enterprise, NPrinting, JavaScript, ODI

Use Cases: Reporting of project data for drug discovery, tracking of drug development process

Tech Use Cases: Analytics, Data Modeling, On Demand Reporting, UI/UX, Enterprise Architecture, Multi-platform Integration, Platform Adoption, NPrinting


A Fortune 500 biotechnology company desired to create more user-friendly and comprehensive reporting of Program and Project information for the project tracking and reporting of the drug discovery and development process. The information was housed in a Microsoft Project Server system with related data in an Operational Data Store. Other data sources such as Project information and metadata needed to be acquired and made available to the new system using ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) for ETL.


Bardess migrated the project management data from the existing inhouse system, financial and timecard data from Oracle, SharePoint data, and file feeds from Contract Research Organizations into user-friendly Qlik applications with dashboard, analytics and reporting capabilities. The solution incorporated the following.

  • Leveraged the existing Pre-Clinical Qlik Deployment while building and designing a process to extract, load and transform the data from the various data sources.
  • Scheduled and imported data from ETL process into Qlik.
  • Built a complex “in memory” data model from various sources including MS Project Server, Oracle and flat files to support the analysis requirements of the end users.
  • Built, designed and implemented Qlik applications with dashboard, analytics and reporting capabilities.
    • High level dashboard chart and graphs for trend analysis.
    • Detailed analysis at the appropriate level of detail provided by the supporting data.
    • Custom UI for senior leadership to see project status and explore data.
    • All lowest level displays capable of “drill down” to tabular base data showing relevant row level detail where appropriate.
    • Extension objects in JavaScript for Qlik visualization where the Qlik visualizations are inadequate to support the user requirements.
    • NPrinting reports based on the Qlik Dashboards, and provided the capability for the company to schedule and deliver these reports by email to end users.
  • Provided ODI ETL development in support of the Qlik data modeling effort.


The new large-scale Qlik-based system provided enhanced visual analytics and reporting throughout the organization. The system provided the following.

  1. Quick insights: a quick and easy way to understand the key metrics and trends of the project management data easily identifying patterns and trends that would be difficult to spot in a raw data table.
  2. Improved decision-making: allowed clinical staff to make more informed decisions about the project management strategies. By having real-time information, the staff was able to quickly assess the impact of different decisions on a project’s progress and the ability to adjust plans accordingly.
  3. Improved communication: the clear and easy-to-understand format provided an effective way to communicate project progress and results to stakeholders.
  4. Increased efficiency: the system consolidated data from multiple sources and presented it in a single location.
  5. Better project outcomes: the system allows users to easily track and monitor project performance and identify potential issues early before they become major problems.

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