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Get Out of “Spreadsheet Hell” with Bardess

For decades, Finance, Accounting, and Reporting staff have struggled to get data through the traditional pipeline of manual, time consuming, static reporting tools. Simple data visualization tools arrived on the scene and added to this already broken process.

Although this was often disguised as “finance transformation,” this path ignores the fact that further downstream, the end user is still exporting the data and using it in spreadsheets and other desktop-based tools.

We all know this as “Spreadsheet Hell.”

Roadmap to the Art of the Possible

The Finance & Reporting Starter Kit, a free half-day proof of concept, specifically provides a fast track to get you on the road out of “Spreadsheet Hell” and lays out your roadmap to true Finance Transformation.

Built on Experience

The Finance & Reporting Starter Kit Powered by Zero2Hero® was created by one of our senior executives, a former Fortune 500 CFO.

Using his two decades of experience working around the limitations of traditional tools, he developed this solution with the last mile in mind focusing on the business analysis/business outcome first and delivering a standardized and proven method using modern analytics.

We meet you where you are at, and lead you to where you are going, partnering all along the way.



The Free Finance & Reporting Starter Kit™ specifically provides a fast track to get you on the road out of “Spreadsheet Hell” and into true Finance Transformation.

The Starter Kit delivers:

  • Dynamic charts providing visibility into Current Period results compared to Prior Period, Budget and/or Forecast
  • The highly valuable “Variance Waterfall” which provides an effective visual representation of where the variances come from
  • Use of a drop-down box to dynamically change the dimension being analyzed
  • Capability to email a link to internal users of the application
  • Dynamic, optimized search capabilities which provides instant access to any combination of dimensions that the user wishes to analyze; and,
  • “Drill-to-Detail” capabilities which traditional BI and analytics tools lack

Save Time and Make Better Decisions

The Starter Kit puts you on the beginning path to modernizing the Finance, Accounting and Reporting function to experience true finance transformation, including:

  • Fast time to value: deploy a POC with defined and measurable business value
  • Efficiency: significantly reduces non-value added spreadsheet work, realizing efficiency gains possible in the Finance & Reporting function. Including the identification of end user computing tools such as databases, spreadsheets, complex visual basic macros, and other manual processes used to join data/tables
  • Deployment options: available on-premise or in the cloud
  • Take full advantage of modern analytics scripting capabilities, deep library of finance functions & formulas and modern architecture to support you on your finance transformation journey

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