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Leave “Spreadsheet Hell” Behind with Bardess

Are you living in “Spreadsheet Hell” as a finance or reporting team user? Is your data in multiple places? Are your processes built on manual and complex step-by-step processes? For decades, finance, accounting, and reporting staff struggled to get data through the traditional pipeline of manual, time consuming, static reporting tools.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Finance, Reporting and Accounting Accelerator (FAR) Powered by Zero2Hero® was created by one of our senior executives, a former Fortune 500 CFO. Using his two decades of experience working around the limitations of traditional tools, he developed this solution with the last mile in mind focusing on the business analysis/business outcome first and delivering a standardized and proven method using modern analytics.

No Other Solution Can Match It

The FAR Accelerator was designed with the last mile in mind. No other solution in the marketplace can match its capabilities and value which include:

  • Analytics on the Go – Browser based applications showing a variety of reports accessible from any device from anywhere with responsive design
  • Collaboration – Unique capabilities that bring the conversation and communication channels to the data via popular platforms such as Slack, Teams & Email
  • “Google Like” search that answers different questions on demand, significantly reducing the “Hierarchy Management” bottleneck
  • Natural Language Generation – Natural Language interpretation of your data model’s key drivers and trends
  • Self Service & Drill to Detail – Aggregated views always connected to detail records with the ability to manage the balance between self-service and governance/security

The Finance, Accounting & Reporting Accelerator™ specifically provides a fast track to get you on the road out  of “Spreadsheet Hell” and into true Finance Transformation.

Business Value:

The application of innovative technologies results in game changing outcomes including:

  • Multiple data sources combined into one for full visibility of data model/relationships
  • A single, governed, version of the truth
  • A combination of aggregate views with drill to detail and ad-hoc processes
  • Rationalization of tools that result in a reduction of Total Cost of Ownership
  • “End User Computing” minimized/eliminated
  • Creation of bridge between legacy and new technology decisions
  • Re-usability of data model across broader set of use cases

So, if your team is bogged down with lengthy, non-value added, manual, and risky spreadsheet processes, seeing is believing, contact us today to begin your transformation journey.

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Leave “Spreadsheet Hell” Behind With Bardess!

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