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Customer Use Case –

Project Name: 

Qlik Sense Application – BICS Reporting Migration to Qlik Sense 


Supply Chain 


Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics, Finance, Billing 

Number of users: 

Approx. 200 

Source Systems: 

Hive, SQL Server, Excel, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) 

Technology Solutions Provided: 

AWS Cloud Hosting, Qlik Sense Enterprise 

Case Overview

Bardess designed a solution for SDI, INC. which satisfied their need to migrate reports from BICS into Qlik Sense Apps due to decommissioning of BICS platform in SDI environment. Bardess cultivated and implemented a Qlik Sense design suited to manage and combine data elements from Hive, SQL, and BICS systems. Bardess enabled SDI, INC. an easy to use application with which will allow them to monitor Business Units, Clients, Sites, Locations to track Client goals.

Increasing performance by driving data visibility into products sold, brands sold, increased revenue and units sold, all while improving growth, reducing returns for incorrect products, and maintaining route efficiencies for correct product deliveries. Bardess provided an additional focus on enabling SDI, Inc. to use their data faster while increasing their overall customers satisfaction and driving performance behavior improvements to positively impact business outcomes.


  • Limited access to source systems 
  • Time constraint due to decommissioning of BICS 
  • Multitude of metrics to be converted to expressions 
  • UAT—SDI, INC. had limited time/resources to contribute to testing data validity and once errors discovered to make proper turnaround 
  • Outdated documentation and rework 
  • Scope creep 


  • AWS Hosting 
    • Development Cluster 
    • Production Cluster 
    • Elastic Load Balancing  
    • BBU Azure AD SSO SAML Authentication 
    • EBS Shared Storage 
    • Shared Repository  
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise (200 users) 
  • Data model, Visual and functional design, and testing 


  • Reduction in time spent by teams running and consolidating multiple reports to take business actions. Self-service BI in discovering questions vs going to team of developers for answers
  • Increase in data visibility and improvements in data maturity to make better business decisions to drive outcomes
  • Access to data that was not accessible before based on system constraints
  • Dynamic data decision making abilities on consistent data consolidation metrics for all team members
  • Ability to set performance goals and measurements based on consistent and governed data metrics available to the Sales team and leadership
  • Ability to use a centralized application to increase business performance and coach Sales team members to drive improved business outcomes in the sale of products by the Sales team

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