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CRMpowered: Integrating People, Process & Technology


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There are thousands of CRM options. How many do you use, and are you getting the reporting you need?

We help you move past:

Siloed Data

Do you have disparate data sources and legacy systems across multiple silos?

No Tech Integrations

Is a lack of tech integrations slowing down your reaction times?

Inadequate Reporting

Inadequate “canned” reporting that does not have a complete picture.

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See how CRMpowered improves lead gen and shines a light on your analytics.

Take Control of Your CRM with Integrated Analytics

CRMpowered is a collection of Bardess connectors designed to solve the challenges associated with integrating disparate CRM systems and delivering accelerated value.

More Sales

Generate additional revenue through higher sales conversion rates with CRMpowered.


Reduced Cost of Ownership

Rationalization of tools will result in a reduction of Total Cost of Ownership.


Build Bridges

Create a bridge between legacy and new technology that leads to better decisions.

A Single, Governed Version of the Truth

Multiple data sources combined into one for full visibility of data model/relationships

Drill to Detail

A combination of aggregate views with drill to detail and ad-hoc processes.

More Use Cases

Re-usability of data models empowers a broader set of use cases.


What Our Customers Say

“CRMpowered lets us spend less time chasing leads and more time closing deals.”

“Bardess took what was a mass of disconnected systems and linked them together, giving us a real-time view of our marketing efforts.”

“CRMpowered puts the most important marketing analytics into one dashboard.”

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