Integrating People, Process & Technology

Any permutation and all combinations of tools can be

integrated with CRM Plus Powered by Zero2Hero

The Challenge

Our solution addresses the data integration and analytics challenges listed below:

  • Disparate systems and almost endless permutations
  • Legacy systems and disparate data sources
  • Lack of integration
  • Historical snapshots not available
  • Inadequate “canned” reporting
  • Complex measures/calculations
  • User adoption
  • Inefficient lead gen
  • Poor visibility into analytics

The Solution

Bardess has developed a solution named CRM Plus Powered by Zero2Hero®, an integration of exceptional tools, Bardess accelerators, and a proprietary methodology designed to solve modern scale problems and deliver accelerated value addressing:

  • Storage and Processing
  • Data Shaping
  • Visual Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics, Data Science, AI/ML

What is Zero2Hero?

Business Value:

The application of innovative technologies results in game changing outcomes including:

  • Generate additional revenue through higher sales conversion rates with CRM Plus
  • Multiple data sources combined into one for full visibility of data model/relationships
  • A single, governed, version of the truth
  • A combination of aggregate views with drill to detail and ad-hoc processes
  • Rationalization of tools that result in a reduction of Total Cost of Ownership
  • Creation of bridge between legacy and new technology decisions
  • Re-usability of data model across broader set of use cases

So, if your team is bogged down with lead gen activities and pulling analytics for marketing, seeing is believing. Contact us today to begin your transformation journey.

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