Say it, see it with our natural speech Qlik app

Text2Viz is a Qlik Sense mashup web app and server-side extension (SSE) which converts text to visualizations. When a user speaks or types a sentence in plain English Text2Viz dynamically generates an appropriate chart and displays it on the screen. These on the fly visualizations allow users to rapidly explore an underlying dataset without any knowledge of Qlik or SQL.

Text2Viz consists of 3 main components:

  1. A front-end web app that captures user input and draws visualizations.
  2. A Qlik Sense server that passes information between the front-end app, Qlik app (containing the data), and SSE.
  3. A Python server-side extension (SSE) that receives the input sentence from the web app and returns a classification for each word or phrase, an autocomplete dictionary, and a visualization object to be rendered on screen.
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Business insights on the fly

Star Trek showed us the power of the human voice in close interaction with computers. Until recently, however, it was still just science fiction. Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple have made device interaction by voice an everyday thing, but the ability to change¬†the music playing on your phone hasn’t helped your business very much. Now, with Text2Viz, you can ask important questions in natural language and get answers in a visually appealing, easy to understand format from Qlik and your database with no previous knowledge of either’s programming languages.

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