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Data Science

Combining the pieces for digital transformation

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics combines data mining, statistics, machine learning, modeling and more to identify future outcomes and trends as accurately as possible.

Machine Learning

Automating the process of analytical model building allows systems to learn from data faster than ever by minimizing human involvement in the process.

Artificial Intelligence

Closed-loop systems that constantly reinforce and improve models are the digital transformation modern enterprises are seeking.

InstantML is Revolutionizing the World of AI-enabled, Predictive Forecasting
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Where are you on the Maturity Curve?

Data Science is all about driving a competitive advantage for your business through extracting value from data, but without specialists like data scientists on staff, how can you do this? Bardess meets you where you are with a team of experts and, with best in class tools and partners, takes you where you need to be. We make data science and machine learning accessible to a broad set of users, including business analysts and executives.

The Bardess Data Science Maturity Curve lets you visually plot where your enterprise is and where you need it to be. Armed with that information, the professional at Bardess can create a Data Action Plan that starts with a deep understanding of your business, applies the right tools for your enterprise, and outputs intelligent apps or reports as needed.

Why choose Bardess?

  • We transform data into insights and action, everyday.
  • We only hire the best talent. Our senior professionals have functional and industry experience so you can trust their advice.
  • We deliver cost effective services with a tangible ROI.
  • A level of unmatched flexibility in the industry.
  • The Bardess LEAP™ methodology.
  • Our clients consistently discover real business value in our consulting service.
  • We have a proven track record of success with major clients.
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