Bardess’ senior consultants provide Organizational Development and Training solutions focused on improving an organization’s capacity to accommodate internal and external functionality and relationships.

Bardess creates and implements processes through which an organization can develop the internal capacity to efficiently and effectively provide its mission and  sustain high performance. We have planned organization-wide efforts to increase organizational effectiveness through interventions in organizational ‘processes‘ and have developed strategies intended to improve upon corporate beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, and values, so that employees can better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.


Training and Instructional Technology

Bardess provides total training solutions by first defining your training needs, expectations, and objectives. We design and develop customized courses targeted to the specific needs of each audience. Our goal is to meet the learning needs of individuals and groups within all job levels, job positions, and employee skill and knowledge levels and abilities.

  • Customized Training Courses
  • New Employee and Incumbent Curriculum
  • Pass/Fail Certification
  • Training Evaluation
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Performance and Task Analysis, Needs Assessment
  • Seminar Facilitation
  • Employee Orientation
  • On-the-job Training

Organizational Development Consulting

Bardess’ consulting services will help you optimize your organization’s effectiveness. Our seasoned consultants use proven techniques to analyze employee and work group performance, and recommend steps for enhancing their effectiveness. We work closely with you to plan, design, and implement solutions that achieve desired results quickly and cost-effectively. We tailor the scope and length of our engagements to meet your budget and/or time requirements.

  • Process Development / cross-functional, procedure, integration
  • Change Management
  • Performance Appraisal Processes
  • Employee Motivation Assessments
  • Department Start-up
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Employee Development Strategies
  • Target Audience Profiling

Technical Writing

In today’s fast-changing corporate environments, the need for high quality, technically accurate and professional-looking documentation is critical. Bardess employs easy-to-follow mapping techniques, in both electronic and hard copy formats, helping to ensure quality and consistency of information throughout your organization.

  • System User Guides/Manuals
  • System Administration Guides
  • System Training Manuals
  • Hardware and Software Product Documentation
  • Methods & Procedures Documentation