Bardess Data Management Solutions assist your organization in effectively utilizing data for competitive advantage. Our data solutions are tailored to assess, improve, and ensure data quality in your organization.

Quality Data provides the balance between processes and systems within business solutions.  It is the foundation for all processes and activities within a corporation.

Bardess offers five programs to assess and improve the quality of your corporate Data Assets.

Why Focus on Data?

Data is a critical corporate asset that gets synthesized into Information, which is the basis for Knowledge within your organization.


  • Facts about things, organized for analysis or used to reason or make decisions
  • Raw material from which information is derived and is the basis for intelligent actions and decisions


  • Collections of usable facts or data
  • Processed stored or transmitted data
  • Data in context with precise definition and clear presentation


  • Specific information about something—the sum or range of what has been discovered or learned
  • Information known and in the proper context
  • Value added to information by people who have experience and acumen to understand its potential

The culmination is applying knowledge by utilizing Information for Value which is corporate Wisdom. Corporate Wisdom is therefore a function of a corporation’s capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. This capacity to acquire and apply knowledge, Corporate Intelligence, is predicated upon the initial Quality of Data Assets.