The Tools of the Trade

There is a broad collection of software tools and analytic applications in the market that allow business users to access critical information stored in data warehouses and operational databases. The solutions range from standard business reporting to advanced analytics used in predicting outcomes in healthcare, manufacturing and marketing among others. Data is compiled into classic reports and spreadsheets (using ERP reporting tools such as Crystal Reports) or into Business Performance Scorecards and Executive Dashboards using the latest BI Business Discovery tools such as QlikView and Spotfire, or OLAP platforms supplied by the leading stack vendors such as Oracle, IBM and SAP. The advanced analytical tools are supplied by vendors such as SAS and “R” and may be integrated into Spotfire or QlikView.

Presentation of historical information, determining the problem and the actions required
Analysis of historical information determining trends and why the results occurred
Mining data to forecast the future based on trends, predictions and the identification of an optimal solution

We’ll Help You Select The BI Tool That Best Meets Your Needs

If you do not have a BI Tool or are frustrated by the one you own and need a way to automate the process of aggregating, analyzing and distributing operations data, Bardess can help.

We can develop a customized tool or help you choose the Business Intelligence solution that best meets your specific needs and budget. At Bardess, we are technology agnostic. We will analyze the leading packages and select and implement the one that best fits your needs and budget. Our consultants can marshal the effort or become members of an integrated client/consultant team.

In recent years, Bardess has had tremendous success implementing an innovative BI Business Discovery tool, QlikView, on several client engagements. The tool’s revolutionary in-memory technology and associative data model with many easy-to-use dashboards create powerful and flexible functionality. The speed to implementation and lower costs has changed the BI landscape. The product has received rave reviews from many leading analysts such Gartner, IDC and Aberdeen.

Advanced Analytics and Statistical Methods

Our Bardess statisticians can help you design the statistical analyses and predictive models to help you drive your business. We can set you up with an R, St, or SAS model that can be integrated into a BI software solution.
Predictive analytics can help turn uncertainty into usable probability.

The following are Advanced Analytics methods that can be deployed in your business.

Advanced Analytics


Predictive Modeling

  • Predictive Analytics–Decision Trees, Additive Models, Neuro Networks
  • Classification (predicting categories based upon set characteristics)
  • Basket Analysis/Association Rules (in retail)
  • Failure Analysis for products etc. (in manufacturing)
  • Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
  • Generalized Linear Models (GLM) –for marketing & drug testing scenarios
  • Logistic Regression, Poisson Regression model for failure rates in mfg processes


  • Multiple Variable Regression
  • Ridge Regression
  • Lasso Regression (for high data dimension sets in research & product analysis)
  • Time Series Analyses (predict future activity based upon previous results)

Statistical Analysis

  • Cluster Analysis (Clustering)
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to test multiple groups
  • Survey Analysis–Stratified Sample, Cluster Samples