Design Metrics to Monitor Business Processes

Data Analytics and Metrics Identification

Bardess will work with your team to develop metrics to measure the performance of your key business activities and operations. We will build the analytical framework for the metrics and identify the data that is required to create meaningful results.


  • CRM Analytics
  • Sales Metrics
  • Financial Metrics
  • Supply Chain Metrics
  • Customer-Interface Metrics
  • Operational Productivity Metrics
  • Service Performance Metrics

Business Metrics Development

Bardess can help you develop comprehensive performance monitoring solutions that enable targeted decision-making within the enterprise. We can turn the metrics into scorecards for all areas of the organization including finance, sales, customer services, operations, supply chain, etc. The type and scope of the metrics will vary by audience levels (executive, management, groups, individuals, products-types, etc.).


  • Determination of Business Critical Metrics
  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Scorecard Development